Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Beautiful Summer Day

Which of course means it’s raining today. I feel I’ve dodged the bullet the last few days, though. When I checked the forecast on Google on Sunday it had little rain clouds Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. On Monday and Tuesday we had very light sprinkling in the morning but then nothing the rest of the day. I wouldn’t even call it rain really, and it was over almost before it started. The clouds looked dark and nasty both days but no rain fell. It was great because I took a chance on painting and it paid off. Today, not so lucky.

We aren’t getting much rain but it’s enough to dampen the siding. I was planning on starting prep on the second story today (I’m already behind schedule because I was supposed to start that yesterday), but I can’t see sanding wet siding in the rain with an electric sander. If it lets up, and I think it will, I can go putty some holes and maybe do a little sanding on the sunburst over the stained glass window. That pretty much needs to be done by hand.

In order to keep on schedule, though, I think I’ll start some major cleaning inside. I can rustle up all the dust bunnies, change the cat poop dirt, polish the bathroom (and then hold it for the next week), and a few other chores. Those were all things I was planning on doing Tuesday. I also had scheduled a nervous breakdown on Thursday but if I can push that back a week then I should be back on schedule. Also, Checking Google today shows clearing skies the next few days. Fingers crossed.

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