Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kitchen Debutant Ball

The date has been set. On the 21st I will be hosting another of the Splinter Group gatherings at my house. I did this last year when the kitchen was a little past the half way point. Even though it’s still not finished, because I still need to install the island sink, it’s done enough that I can call it done.

I’ve decided I’m not going to attempt to install the sink before the party. If I screw it up I don’t want to have everybody giving me their opinions of how I should have done it, or what to do now that it’s screwed up. I also don’t want to be pressured in to try and fix any mistakes in a hurry.

I have thought of something I do want to add to the island before the party, though. I’m stealing this idea straight off an island I saw in a Ballard Designs catalog. If anybody asks at the party, though, I’ll say it was my idea. I want to make a wine rack out of one of the shelves. It is a really simple design, which is what I like. I’ll take two boards and make and X with them on the bottom shelf. That will give me 4 triangles to hold wine bottles. It should hold 12 to 16 bottles. I’m also going to rent me up some cook books from down at the li-bary and get me one of them little plastic ivy plants to liven thangs up a bit. Won’t that be purtyful.

Artist Rendering

So I have 3 weeks to get ready for 20 or 30 people. Here’s what I want to accomplish before then.

1)Build new stairs for the porch.
2)Build new newel posts for the new porch stairs and finish the hand rail
3)Rebuild the soffit and put on new rain gutter for the porch
4)Finish Painting the porch and the second story over the porch
5)Build the new wine rack for the island

The pressure is on. Can he do it?


merideth said...

that's an ambitious list mister! but based on the kind of performace we've seen from Greg Petch-a-no-hitter House Blogger, I think he can do it!!

derek said...

Now we can steal the wine rack idea from you...

Kim said...

Don't you just love Ballard Design? A bit pricey for my budget, but lots of great ideas to borrow!

The island looks fantastic, btw!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make the wine rack permanent? You might find it handy to have that space back some time in the future.

Greg said...

You might find it handy to have that space back some time in the future.

That’s funny you should say that. After I decided to add the wine rack I thought it seemed a bit trendy. In other words, not something that will stand the test of time.

It will be easy to remove.