Saturday, June 03, 2006

Post Production

I cranked out two more newel posts for the porch today. These went a lot smoother than the first two. No tools were crushed in the making of these post and that is always a good thing. As with the other ones, they are still not as good as I would like. They look fine, and really, they will fit right in on the porch because the other columns from 1895 are less than perfect after 111 years of being outside. It’s a little annoying though.

Tomorrow I will rebuild the steps. I need to cut three stringers and maybe replace a few of the stair treads and risers. Also, the first step is a concrete step that is not original and it looks it. I want to cover that with wood and then put the posts on it. What all of this means is that {hold your breath} I’m going to have to go and buy wood {Gasp!}. I know, it’s strange. I need 2X12 for the stringers, 2X10 for the treads, and 1X8 for the risers. It could get expensive but I’ve got to do it. I think I can reuse the two treads and one of the risers but everything else is shot.

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