Thursday, July 20, 2006

Good Morning Starshine

The weather continues to be strangely cooperative for me. We’ve had another morning with sunshine. Our normal summer pattern for July and August is lots and lots overcast skies with afternoon sunshine. The weather for the past 4 days has been absolutely perfect for house painting. My only complaint is that it gets a little cold around 6:00 in the evening. The sun falls behind the house and the wind picks up coming off the bay and it can get very chilly up on that ladder.

I snapped this shot this morning on the way to work. I thought it would be nice to get a shot with the morning sun on the house but I think it’s a little too much sun. The colors look a little washed out. As I said yesterday, I still need to do all the first floor trim around the stained-glass window, along with the corner boards, and the corbels. I also still have the window trim around the window on the porch side of the bay.

I’m really going to have to resist the temptation to do a half-ass job just so I can move on to the next section quickly. I think I’ve got another weeks worth of work on the front of the house, if not more. I want to scrap most of that trim back to bare wood. I have to fix the trim around the stained glass window. I also was to paint the attic gable and that little gable waaaay up on the top of the house. On the south side I was able to paint the gable by hanging out the window. This gable is bigger though, and I won’t be able to reach everything. It’s going to be tricky.


amanda said...

that song is now stuck in my head, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
glad that the painting is moving along, though!

deb said...

you know, just looking at that pic there seems to be something missing... hmmm.... could it be a black door?

Greg said...

On an Italianate a black door would be appropriate, but on a Queen Anne……I don’t see it happening.

deb said...

okay, if not black then go for a really dark dramatic colour... like the darkest purple you can find. it should look really good with the nice greens you've got there.