Monday, July 03, 2006

Pimp My Fridge

Well, after a steady diet all weekend long of ice, ibuprofen, internet, and TV my shoulder is finally coming around to being a useful part of my body again. I don’t think I’m ready to start scraping paint off the front of the house yet, but at least I’m able to do everyday things again without being in constant pain. That is always a plus in my book.

The goal at this point is to be back on a ladder Saturday. In the mean time, I’ve decided to work on pimping out my new fridge. This is going to be one bad-ass mutha when I’m done with it. Or at least I hope it will. I think it will be easier to do it now before it is in the kitchen and full of food. I spent today gather the basic ingredients for the refrigerator pimping.


Oak Door Skins

Contact Cement & Brushes

I already had the

Icebox Hardware

Oak Strips

I will use the contact cement to adhere the oak skin to the sides and top. The front presents a bit of a problem because it is not flat. It as a slight convex curve to it. I’m going to have to create some triangle shims that I can screw to the front to create a flat surface. I can then nail and glue the oak skin to the shims.

After that I can put on the oak strips as trim. My first thought is to use glue and small nails, but nails might not be such a good idea. I’m not sure if there are refrigerant coils in the sides. I’m sure there aren’t in the doors. I’ll have to think about the sides a bit more. Maybe just glue and clamps until the glue sets.

I think I can get the skin on tomorrow and start prepping the strips. I think a routered edge detail on the strips might be appropriate. A friend has a real oak icebox that is in pretty rough shape but I think I’ll go take a few pictures of it as reference.


Kim said...

I am constantly amazed and impressed by your ingenuity...what a great idea! Looking forward to following this project!


merideth said...

argh! just got caught up on all your posts because i've been slacking all weekend...sooo sorry about your wounded shoulder! but i really cant wait to see the pimp'd out fridge!

also, e. e. cummings rules all and i shun caps in deference.

Angus said...

I love the idea, can't wait to see it. That is going to look so great in your kitchen.

(Pessimist voice: my only worry is about any warranty on the fridge being voided).


derek said...

Construction Adhesive, like PL Premium, might hold better than contact cement. I guess you could test it out.

Greg said...

Warranty shmarranty.

As for the adhesive, I stood on the glue aisle for quiet a while. I decided against construction adhesive and gorilla glue because I needed a very close fit. Contact cement seemed to me to be the best hold with the least amount of adhesive between the wood and the fridge.

benoit said...

pimp my fridge, i just love the idea