Monday, July 10, 2006

A Stained Reputation

I got the stain on the fridge today but it was not without a slight complication. As I applied the stain there were some very small spots here and there where there was some glue residue left behind. They were very small but well defined spots that would not take the stain. Immediately after I stained the fridge I went back to those spots and tried to sand off the glue and stain again. It’s not working so well.

You can see it in these pictures.

This spot is about an inch long.

This is another similar one after I sanded and tried to stain again.

Here’s what the fridge looks like now. You can see three spots on the left of the front that I tried to fix.

One thought is that I didn’t sand enough. The area that I sanded was slightly larger that the glue mark itself. After sanding the whole area it won’t take stain properly, not just the initial glue spot. Maybe I forced glue into the grain of the whole area as I sanded. Maybe if I just sanded more I could resolve this. Or maybe I would just screw it up more.


Anonymous said...

...or maybe the grain is too well 'polished' there now? If you could 'loosen' up the grain abit ... water?

deb said...

maybe you could try one of those waxes- and i'm going to (surprise) suggest a black one- and rub it all over although the fridge may turn out darker than you wanted (but it wouldn't be black). it should cover those spots and if that doesn't work maybe a crayon just on those spots would.