Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Somewhat Resolved

I’m trying not to type too much with my right arm because of my shoulder so I’ll be brief. Of course, if I had rested for the past week instead of working on the fridge my shoulder would be healed by now, but I seem to be incapable of not working on the house. It’s a serious problem which I’ve decided to ignore for the time being. I’m sure there is some deeply rooted psychological reason for it. Maybe I ran my tricycle in to a fluted column when I was a child and now I feel compelled to fix old house for eternity. I guess, depending on how you see it, this could be some form of hell or heaven. If I win the lottery some day I promise to spend the $250 an hour to fully explore the problem with a trained psychiatrist. Until then - screw it!

I never did get the problem spots to take stain. I decided to just apply stain to the top and let it dry. It works well enough that no one will notice, and in time I’ll make enough mistakes in other areas of the house that I will no longer notice. It’s kind of like banging on your toe with a hammer so you no longer notice the large bump on your head.

The other couple of spots that did not take stain I will paint over and blend with the stain. After that I’m going to finish with one top-coat of shellac. I don’t want it to be too glossy. I got the hinges on, and as is my trade mark, one of them is crooked. I’ve decided not to use the handles I have. There an unmatched pair and they are missing the strikers. I looked locally and found nothing so the plan now is to make low-ball bids on what ever come up on Ebay. Eventually I’m sure I’ll get something cheap.


Kim said...

I think it turned out great! I went back and read the entries I missed a little earlier, about the stain problems, and I really think the variations give your fridge real it has been around forever. I wouldn't worry too much about it. It looks awesome!

Sorry about your shoulder re-injury. Hope things start healing up for you soon!

Denny said...

Greg - Here in Ohio we have a hardware store called Lehmans - I know they have parts for Hoosier cabinets and they might have handles suitable for your fridge - check out and request a catalog. They are quite well known for their selection of unique items and replacement parts for antiques. It's a great store to wander around.

Denny said...

I forgot to mention the fridge looks great - I wouldn't worry about those spots, you don't want it looking brand spankin' new anyway.

Kristin said...

Oh Greg! The hinges make such a difference! I liked it before but now, WOW! Looks just like a gigantic icebox.

merideth said...

very impressive!