Sunday, July 30, 2006

Two Down Four To Go

I think I mentioned the other day that I only had three of these brackets (or are they corbels) left after this one. There are, in fact, 4 more to go. The first corner I did was missing one of the brackets because of the addition, so I was only counting one on the opposite corner. In reality, I have two bay corners left, each with 2 brackets. It doesn’t sound like much, but they are time consuming.

I spent nearly 4 hours today painting this corner. I had the bracket, all the window trim, the sunburst over the window, and the trim (along with another sunburst) on the top-outside section of the porch. I was able to get 2 coats on everything and it was very slow going. One of the biggest obstacles was just getting up in there.

I own 4 ladders and I had to go borrow one from a friend because all of mine were either too short or too long. Even with the right ladder is was hard. I practically had to be a contortionist to get my body up in there and paint all the detail.

But it was worth it. Finally, now that I'm not taking shots in the direct sun, you can really see a nice contrast between the Clary Sage and the Livable Green. Now I really need to get the other side done to balance out the front of the house.


merideth said...

in case i havent made this clear in a while, your work is looking fantastic. bravo

Margaret Martin said...

On the brackets vs corbels issue....

First, a corbel is a type of bracket. (All corbels are brackets, but not all brackets are corbels.)

Second, corbels project from a wall to support an arch or cornice or entablature. Not always, but nearly always. The clearest examples are of stone. See

It seems quite a stretch to call your decorative details a corbel. But clearly one can argue the case.

Keep us posted on the painting!

Greg said...

Thank you Margaret. I've always felt more comfortable calling the brackets.

mindy said...

Your place looks absolutely gorgeous. That color scheme is perfect for making the details pop. Makes me want to paint our lady immediately; too bad we're 2/3 done with summer...