Friday, April 13, 2007

The Bathroom Rushes

Under the category “One thing lead to another...”, I give you my latest video. I thought it would be nice to set up the marble vanity to show family members that are arriving next week for a visit. Well, then I thought it would be nice to show the toilet….and I might as well get the cabinets in there, and the lights, and the towel rack, tp holder, medicine cabinet, faucets, heater, etc. etc

The next the you know, the room is pretty much set up, although nothings really hooked up. Not every thing is in it’s proper place at this point either. It took a lot of time, but I’m glad I did it though, because there are a few things I noticed. One, I think the medicine cabinet is too low. I made it lower than I would want it on purpose, because I’m a tall person, and the upstairs bathroom will still be my domain even after this bathroom is finished. Still, it may be too low. I’m going to need a second opinion.

The other thing I noticed is that I’m just not thrilled with that marble vanity top. I love the skirting, and the legs are to-die-for, but the top is just not what I had in mind when I was looking. In fact, I did pass on that one early on and then went back to it when I had trouble finding anything else. I’m not sure what to do, but if another one that was more to my liking, and a similar size, came along, I would buy it and worry about getting rid of this one later.

The room is tight, but not cramped. At least I don’t think so. I think it’s going to be a very nice bathroom, if I ever finish it, that is.


Anonymous said...

Greg, you showed us the entire bathroom in 40 seconds - not enough time to take it all in. Also, there was no sound. I really like it when you explain what we're seeing. I love the marble top.

Sam said...

Looks really great Greg. But what's wrong with that marble top? I think the marble looks really good with the tile.

Are you going to finish plastering before you do the floor? And did i notice you have an old beadboard ceiling in there?

Greg said...


Yes, it was a quick movie. That's the reason I called the post The Bathroom Rushes. In the film industry, when the raw footage is viewed at the end of the day without sound, it is referred to as "dallies" or "rushes".


Yes, I'm going to finish plastering and then put in the floor, and after that I'll grout all of the tile - floor and walls together. I kept the old beadboard ceiling and I will do crown molding or some trim piece to hide the transition from plaster to wood.

As for the marble top, there are two problems with it. One, it’s the wrong color. Two, the sides are not really finished like I would want. They are smooth, finished stone, but this was designed to have a side splash of some sort. The front has an ogee on it, but not the sides. Minor details, maybe, but details all the same.

Anonymous said...

The tiling job looks great. The entire room is really coming together. I am still insanely jealous of the glass in window over the tub space.

Greg said...

Thanks, and yea, I really like that glass a lot too.