Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Much Will It Cost

I’m in the home stretch of spending money on the bathroom. There are still more expenditures to be made, but none are capital expenditures, and there only a few. I need a gallon of paint, some outlet and switch covers, and some other little things like that. The last unknown is the nickel plating. I’ve never had this done before, and I have no idea what to expect.

I want to get 4 claw foot tub feet, two small brackets for the sink, the waste pipes for the tub, and a toilet paper holder plated. The brackets are new, and they are only about 6-inches high an inch wide. The TP holder is pretty clean, and shouldn’t need a lot of prep. The tub feet will need to be sand blasted I guess, and the tub waste pipes have a lot of paint and grime on them as well.

We don’t have a anyone locally, so I’m going to send it all to a place in LA that was recommended by the owner of Vintage Plumbing, who was the guy who made the little brackets for me. Anybody want to take a guess what this might cost? Make your selection below. For the sake of the poll, shipping and taxes won’t be included.

How Much Will It Cost?
Less than $50
$50 to $75
$76 to $100
$101 to $125
$126 to $150
$151 to $175
$176 to $200
More Than $200
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Also, I bought another marble vanity today. I really can’t afford it, but it was a good price. It was listed in an Ebay store at $97.66 (odd price) and it had a Make an Offer button. I emailed the seller with a few questions, and I think it will be much better than the one I have now. I mentioned last week why I don’t care for the one I have.

The new one is white marble, so it will match the other marble in the bathroom and kitchen. It is also finished on 3 sides, unlike the one I have now. It does not come with a sink bowl, but the one I have fits it, and it’s also the same depth, but just 2 inches narrower than the one I have now. I’ll just need to trim the front apron piece by 2-inches and it should fit nicely. This will give me a little more clearance for the door as well.

I made an offer of $75 and he/she excepted today. With shipping it comes to $114, which, as it turns out, is the least expensive one I looked at. I’ll see if I can sell the one I have locally on CraigsList, or to a friend. I’ll wait and make sure the new one arrives on one piece first, though.

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