Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Upgraded Condition

The re-tiling operation was a success. I’ve upgraded the condition from Total and Absolute Crap to Not Bad.

I’m leaving the plywood brace on for another day, because the horizontal quarter round I put up yesterday is supporting, albeit just a little, the new tile above it I put in today. Once that comes off I’ll really know how well this Tile Do-Over has worked.

Before the repair

After the repair

Already you can see improvement by comparing the two pictures above. If you look at that first piece of lath just above the tile, you can see that the gap is even in the second picture, and very uneven in the first picture. Also, the first row above the window is now done with all full tiles, and the horizontal quarter round are reasonably even in length.

I’m not going to call this a top-notch tile job, but I no longer want to take a sledge hammer to it. Anytime I don’t have a strong urge to take a sledge hammer to my work, I’m going to consider it a success.


Anonymous said...

I wish mine looked that good...I now have serious tile envy!

merideth said...

sigh...if only my "good" tile work looked as good as your "acceptable" tile work...