Sunday, April 29, 2007

Livable Green To The Rescue!

Earlier today I wrote how I was lamenting my color choice for the bathroom walls. It was my failed attempt to make color picking easier that lead me to choose the uninspiring Dover White. I figured I would need to repaint, but I mentioned how buying more paint was not in the budget this week.

After I put the crown molding up today, which was a blog worthy event in itself, but only because of the challenges. If it wasn’t the slightly wavy 1895 beadboard ceiling causing problems, it was the, shall we say, slightly less than plumb walls giving me problems. Also, in my haste to get some plaster up to show the family, I forgot to put a screed at the top of the door wall. Oh, when will I learn. That wall had a few waves of it’s own that weren’t really noticeable until you put a straight edge on it. Eventually the crown molding was put up….and then taken back down….and put back up….and taken back down….and finally put up and it looks good.

Anyway, after I put up the crown molding I remembered that I had some green paint left over from house painting last year. Quite a bit, in fact. A few years before I started painting the house I went out and bought a 5 gallon pail of SW Basil and a 5 gallon pail of SW Livable Green. After getting about a gallon of the Livable Green on a side wall I decided it was much too light to use (this is one of the reasons I hate picking colors).

In an effort to use up the remaining 4 gallons or so of Livable Green I saved 1 gallon to use for high-lights on the gingerbread and combined the rest with some of the Basil. This new color I called Petch House Green and it went on the 3 attic gables that have fish scale shingles. Well, there’s not many shingles on the gables, and although there is a lot of high-lighting on the gingerbread, a gallon of Livable Green goes a long way. I still had about a half gallon of that.

Neither of these two colors was quite right for the bathroom, and there was only a half gallon of the Livable Green, so today I mixed up yet a third color using the remaining half gallon of Livable Green and topping it off with the Petch House Green. This new color I’m calling Puke Green.

The reason I call it Puke Green is not because it doesn’t look nice. Not at all. If you think about it, where does one normally go to puke? In the bathroom, of course, and that’s where I’m using this latest creation for the Petch House line of custom colors. The best part is, I don’t find it entirely offensive.

Here are some shots with the Dover Gack! White, and then with the Puke Green.

Dover Gack! White

Puke GreenThis is fresh puke. It will lighten a hair as it dries. I would say it's a shade darker than the Clarey Sage I put on the second story shingles.

I think we have a winner!


Anonymous said...

i think they both look gorgeous, actually, and that what you're calling puke green is what the french call eau de nil, mon tresor.

John said...

Love the puke, looks great. Compliments the stain glass windows quite well.

I feel your pain with picking paint colors. After my PeeWee's Play House laundry room, I swore that I'd make my wife do the rest of color choices. So, of course, I was at Lowe's this weekend with the task of picking out the red paint for the living room. My instructions were to get a "wine color." Great.

I narrowed it down to two choices both of which filled me with doubt. How did I resolve it all? I let my three year old son pick the final color and my wife loved it.

So, if the whole instinct thing isn't working for you, maybe asking a three year old would?

Anonymous said...

You know me, I'm a fan of green. I think it looks good! I definitely like the green better than the white. Makes the tiles pop more.

I love picking color schemes, and as a graphic/web designer by day I like to think I'm pretty good at it. But we've had more than a few re-paints. There are so many variations to wall color - natural light, ambient lighting, the space, the height... it's very hard to nail it every time. So don't feel bad.

Poppy said...

You scored a hit, Greg! It looks great! Your tile job has come out wonderful as well :)