Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little Help

So I started thinking to myself today, I’m not going to be able to test this shower by myself. I can’t be standing in the tub taking a shower, while at the same time watching the drain under shower to make sure the drain works properly. That’s right, I’m going to need some help.

So all day today I asked women if they wouldn’t mind coming to my house in a few weeks so I can watch them take a shower in my new bathroom. You wouldn’t believe some of the reactions I got! I was slapped, kicked, punched, and yelled at. One woman even tasered me! What the hell’s the matter with people that they are so offended when someone asks for help? I don’t get it.

Is it just me, or has our society taken a wrong turn when it’s no longer appropriate for a strange man to ask a woman to come to his house so he can watch her take a shower? What has become of our society?

Maybe I’m phrasing the question wrong. Maybe I should be asking if they want to come over and watch me take a shower. I’ll try that tomorrow and see if I get a better response. I just hope there’s no more tasers. That first one left a mark.


Kathy from NJ said...

The floor idea sounds great, I'm sure it will work.

I'd shower for you in exchange for an hour long soak in your tub, alas my husband said no because the airfare is too high.

Maybe you can get one of those blow up dolls?

mindy said...

You sound like Creed from The Office. "The guy was just hanging brain. I mean, what’s all the fuss? If that’s flashing then lock me up."


Josh said...

Did you try asking in a fake French accent?
Sil vous plait, may I watch you use Ze chowair?
See? irresistible.

Alicia said...
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Greg said...

"hanging brain"

HA! I love that show.

Anonymous said...

I'll help you test your shower. You will also have to cook dinner. And provide the wine... lots of wine

Greg said...

I’m intrigued.