Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nickel News

When I got home from work today there was a message on my machine from Astro Chrome & Polishing telling me my plumbing parts had been nickel plated and were ready for shipping. I put the groceries away and then went to the computer to look up their number, but before I could they called again. I think the guy’s name was Joe. He said he called again because UPS was getting ready to show up and if he got my billing information he could ship the box out today.

Ten days ago when I last talked to Joe he said it would take about 2 weeks to plate the parts I sent in. The quote was $325, not including shipping. Today I was told the total with shipping and taxes came to $341.58. I spent about $20 to ship the parts down, so it seems they came in a little under the quote.

So far I’m thrilled with the service I've received. The last piece of the puzzle will be the quality of the plating. When we spoke the last time, Joe warned me that the cast iron claw feet for the tub may not come out perfect because the old cast iron has some pitting. The other items are brass, so there should not be an issue, despite the age.

It’s too early to start gushing over the job they did, but so far I’m thrilled, especially given the problems I’ve had with others during this bathroom restoration project. Speaking of those others, the first time I called them back in November or December about buying a marble vanity from them I was told that it would need to be shipped freight because it was too heavy for UPS. That is what started the whole saga of me almost driving down to Murphys, CA in the first place. Today, I got a UPS tracking number for a marble vanity being shipped from an antiques dealer in Wisconsin. The only difference between the Wisconsin vanity and the one I looked at in Murphys is the price. The one in Wisconsin one was exactly half the cost of the one in Murphys.

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