Thursday, May 17, 2007

Second Marble Vanity Is Here

I mentioned last week or so how I bought a second antique marble vanity on Ebay. It arrived today. I was never thrilled with the first one I bought, but after searching high and low it was pretty much the only thing I could find that would work in the bathroom. Wouldn’t you know it, I would find an even better one after I bought the first one. An even better one that was also cheaper.

The main problem with the first one was the color of the marble. It was kind of a smoky gray color. It’s not that I didn’t like it, it’s just that I have a lot of other marble in the bathroom and adjoining kitchen, and all of that is white marble. Plus, the marble skirting that will go around the sink is also white. I attempted to stain the skirting to match the top, but I didn’t go far enough. The plan was to stain it some more once everything was assembled. I’m glad I waited now. The other problem with the original top was that the milling did not go around all three sides. It was beveled on the front but not the left and right side.

This one was only $114 with shipping, so it’s not huge investment. The picture above is what it looked like seconds after unpacking. You can see it has some nasty discoloration on the upper left. Over all it was very dingy and had a lot of mold on it.

I took it outside and cleaned it with soft scrub cleanser and 180 grit sand paper. I had to get very aggressive with it. I then sanded it with 220, 320, and 400 grit. I may try and polish it little, but I don’t have anything at the moment to polish it with.

The results are dramatic. There is still some minor discoloration in that one corner, but that seems to show up more under the flash of the camera than in real life. The best part is, it now matches the apron. As you can see, this one is beveled on 3 sides. This is how it should look.

Here is the original one. It’s just not as nice in my opinion. You can also see that I was not able to get all of the staining out of this one. To be fair, though, I was not as aggressive in cleaning this one. That might look better with more effort.

Now, does anybody want to buy a slightly used, smoky gray, marble vanity. I can let it go for about $100, not including shipping.


spaceman said...

Is your marble vanity still available? I'm interested.

Greg said...

Yes, the first one is still here and available. I can't see shipping it, though. That's the only reason it hasn't been sold on Ebay.