Saturday, May 26, 2007

Purchasing Punch List

I'm thinking Bathroom End Game here. I got the last of the Oberon Saloon tile out of the bleach today. I have exactly 1.8 boxes left to de-grout and then I can start the installation. I ended up with 123 sq ft of tile. I think I need about 90 sq ft, so I won’t need to worry about the stuff that either won’t come clean or is too badly damaged. I’m guessing that is close to 10 sq ft. I should be in great shape.

There are still a few more small purchases that need be made, though. They're small, but they add up.

2 Push Button Light Switches. I bought all of the other switches in the house from House of Antique Hardware when I re-wired 4 years ago. At that time I only paid $12.75 a piece for them. (I say "only" like $12.75 is a good price for a light switch) They are now $15.79 each at House of Antique Hardware. The interesting thing is, these are made by Classic Accents. When I bought them 4 years ago, House of Antique Hardware had a better price than Classic Accents. Today I tried to find the Classic Accents web site but couldn’t. Still, I’ll shop around. A lot of places carry these now. For now, I’ll say $30.

1 GFCI Plate Cover. This is also from House of Antique Hardware. It matches everything else in the house. I have a double switch plate and a standard outlet plate in the same design already, so I just need the one GFCI plate. $10.79. I don’t recall if this is what I paid 4 years ago, but I remember paying around $6 for all of the single switch plate covers in the same design. They are now $9.79.

3 Angle Stop Valves. These are the shut off valves for the water supply lines for the toilet and sink. All of the plumbing is exposed, so I want something nice. I’ll get these from Mac The Antique Plumber. The picture is brass, but I’ll get them in chrome. Nickel is not an option on these. They are $31.20 each, so that’s $93.60. DEA Bath carries them as well, but that are $39.00 each for the exact same thing.

Thinset, grout, and caulk for the tile floor. The caulk is the 3M stuff, so that’s $33.00. The grout and thinset are another $35, so together that comes to $68.00.

Soap Dish for the Tub. The ones in the picture are $36.00, but I think I can do better. I’ll say $25.00

Oak Toilet Seat. The one in the picture is $27. That seems about right.

Sink Clamps. The new vanity is missing the clamps to hold the under-mount bowl on. DEA Bath has them for $19.50

Drain Assemble. This is for the antique sink as well. I forgot to order it months back when my DEA Bath odyssey began. This is around $40.00, and this is another DEA Bath part. There are several to chose from on their site so this means I’m going to need to call and ask questions. I’m absolutely dreading it. The guys that run the front desk are just so incompetent. It’s just unbelievable.

I think I’m going to call on them Tuesday because by the time I get the order and return it several times it could be more than a month for me to get the correct parts.

I think that’s pretty much everything. There is still the window and door to trim out, and I need to hang the door, and put on the door hardware, but I have all of that. The light fixtures need to be hung, but they are all ready to go. Unless I forgot something, I have all of the other plumbing parts for the sink, toilet, and tub. I have all of the shelves, hooks, TP holder, and things like that. The two cabinets I built are complete and painted.

The total for the things above comes to $312.89. I’ll round up to $350.00 to cover any shipping or taxes, and I’m sure there will be more sandpaper and drill bits to buy. At least all of the spending of money on the bathroom is coming to an end. This has been one of the more expensive projects I’ve done. I think maybe only the kitchen was more. Bathrooms and kitchens….man, do they take a toll on the old wallet.


Kathy from NJ said...

Hi Greg,

I was beginning to worry about you - I don't think you've gone three days without posting in a long time, especially when in the middle of a project. I really missed you.

The push button switches are $12.99 at

Amazon also has them sold by Classic Accents storefront.

Anonymous said...

The switches are 12.99 at Classic Accents.


Greg said...

That's odd, when I Google "classic accent light switch", nothing shows up on the first 5 pages. That's about as far I usually go on a Google search.

I also tried and and got nothing, so I assumed they were no longer running the site. Didn't

Anonymous said...

Google is a times very weird. You have to Google classic accents light switch


aaron said...

Sorry to comment off subject, but do you recall where in your archives you talk about deciding what kind of exterior paint you were going to use, and how the paint that you did end up using has held up to the elements so far?

Erin said...

I love the push button switches do you install black outlets to match them or do you go for white?

Greg said...


I sort of just read things on different forums. The choice seemed to come down to Behr or SW. I went with SW because they are closest to my house. Real scientific, huh? Which ever one you go with get the best they have. In the case of SW they have 3 or 4 different qualities of paint. Their “best” now is the Duration. I tried the Duration interior and was not overly thrilled with it. The Super Paint was the best prior to the Duration. I liked it a lot. I also used the A-100 primer. They also have a lower quality primer that I tried once and didn’t like. The A-100 primer and the Super paint was a very nice combination for me.

One more thing about SW is they always have things on sale. It seemed the Super Paint was 20% every other month. I never paid full retail for paints or brushes. The primer never went on sale.


Yes, I use the darker outlets as well. They are more of a dark brown than black.

davidLBC said...

Searching "classic accents" gets it at the top of the list along with a House of Antique Hardware sponsored link and the amazon link. Maybe less is more with Google.

I switched to Sherwin Williams paint from Behr. The quality is far superior, particularly with deep colors like red. You can get more coverage in one coat with SW than 4 coats of Behr red.

Duration is crap though. The flattest finish you can get is "matte" and it looks like semi-gloss in darker colors. It's a gimmicky brand that is supposed to be extra scrub-able. But the additives make it look like plastic. Super Paint and Color Accents are great.