Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Marathon Man

Quick, what’s 123X36X6? You give up? That equals 26,568 2-inch sides of pure, living hell.

One hundred and twenty three square feet of tile.
Thirty six tiles to a square foot.
Six sides on a tile.

Is that right? Does that really come to 26,568, or did I do that math wrong? That number seems too big, but regardless, the fucking tile is cleaned. I cleaned all of the Fucking, God Damned Oberon Saloon tile!

It’s done!

I finished!

Now I need to install it. My life is a chaotic mess at the moment, so it looks like Saturday, at the earliest.


Sam said...

Damn man. Congratulations. I hope you won't be using 26,568 toothpicks as spacers. That could be hard to work around.

Josh said...

Since these are saloon tile, I hope you treated yourself to a couple cold adult beverages to celebrate your accomplishment. I'm looking forward to seeing them installed.

Greg said...


Before. During. After.

Josh said...


Jocelyn said...

Congratulations- I bet this is one of those things you wouldn't do a 2nd time maybe?

Greg said...

Knowing me, I'd probably get the tile anyway, but then I would dump it in the garage and never clean.

I would have it though, that's the important thing.

Kristin said...

You did it! Hurray!

Anonymous said...

the gold standard, like i said, for real sustainability. that the tile was also free and has 100 years of amazing stories to tell adds priceless value to your house. go you.