Sunday, April 20, 2008

If The Truth Be Told

If the truth be told, I butchered the floor. I didn’t realize it yesterday, but I sanded it down too far with the second sanding. Its not the entire floor, but there are places where it is a little deep. Its not any real problem, but its not something I’m proud off.

At this point, I’m really ready for the whole laundry room to be over. It feels like I should have been done a few weeks ago, but it keeps dragging on.

I did get the face plates and escutcheons on today, and I got the light fixture hung. The added light in the room really helps. Having that one tiny bulb 10,5 feet off the ground made it difficult to work at times. I have some halogen work lights, but that was like working next to the sun in such a small space. I mostly used a hanging mechanics light for added light, which didn’t really work that well. If any one asks I’m going to blame the floor on poor visibility. I’ll say that between the low light and the thick clouds of sawdust I could barely see my hand in front of my face.

The last things to do are to make the box for the water heater, paint the door, and make and install the baseboards. What do you think, another month?


Andi said...

This room looks great. The ceiling really turned out nice!

Greg said...

Thank you. I am happy with it. I really like the floor to ceiling beadboard.

Eureka Observer said...

I think another month sounds about right. However, overall the job looks very nice, and appropriate. Floors however can be a real challenge and sanding in particular is really tricky. Think of it as "rustic".

Greg said...

Yes, rustic, lived in, "in original condition". I think all of those would apply.

Fred said...

You definitely shouldn't beat yourself up over the floor. Trying to sand that large of an area with an edge sander is no small feat. I've been in that position before - sanded a 3'x10' closet with an edge sander virtually for the whole thing (grain was going the wrong way for the drum sander). It didn't turn out too wonderful either. Its easy to want to tilt that edge sander to "get a spot" - later you find that you've dug into that spot on the floor permanently.

I totally feel your pain. But, the good news is that owners tend to see it FAR more than visitors - who will think your floors have great 'character'.

Sandy said...

Love the light fixture!

Greg said...


Yea, those edge sanders are a bitch. Every time I've used one I've lost my balance and some point and cut in to the floor. This would have come out much better if I could have gotten a drum sander in there.

Some day I hope one of the rental companies in town will start to carry the newest type of floor sander. It is called "U Sand" ( They've been out for nearly 10 years, which means Humboldt County should see them in another 10 years ;-).

Sandy, Thanks!

Tazzie said...

Love the work you're doing. I stumbled across your blog via a link from I don't know where. Your work is wonderful, and I'm compelled to go back and read thru the archives.

Greg said...

Hi Tazzie, Thanks. I think it was April of last year I did a kind of blog recap.