Sunday, April 06, 2008

No Popping

I wonder if 100 years from now people will look back and read articles in design and home improvement magazines from this time and wonder what all of the popping was about. “We painted the trim white and it just popped!” Maybe they will think there was some curing agent in light colored paints that made a loud popping noise when the paint was dry.

I got lazy and painted the trim and walls the same color, so my laundry room doesn’t pop. It is a very quite and peaceful shade of blue. When I first opened the can and poured some in to the paint pale I thought I had made a big mistake. It seemed much more blue than I had imagined. Then, as I was painting in on the walls it seemed washed out against the white primer. At that point I was worried that it looked too light. Eventually it found a middle ground and I’ve very happy with it.

As you are walking towards the door and the light is on in the room it seems a pale blue. As you stand in the room though, it takes on its grayer characteristics. It is a nice balance. The room is only 9.5X5.5, so any more color may seem too much. At least for me anyway. The important thing is, its not green.

I was able to get a lot more done this weekend that I thought I would. As you can see, the ceiling is completely trimmed out. The whole room is painted, and I was able to get the door trimmed out, as well. I really like the way the ceiling came out, but if I could I would reduce the size of the brackets by 30% or so. The scale is a little off.

The plan now is to make the baseboard through out the week, along with getting them primed and painted with one coat. If I can do that then they will be ready to install this weekend. I can then remove the water heater once more, so I can finish the floors and install the baseboard. I also need to paint the little cabinet and get it hung on the wall.

After that, I can put on eschusions, install the light fixture, and then I need to deal with the door. I’m not sure if that door in the picture will be the door for this room. That is a 1920s door from the rental days. Both that door and the door jamb came from the bathroom that was partitioned in to the kitchen back in the 1920s. I’ll need to make a trip to the door room to see what I have available in that size.


Jenni said...

You have a door room :). We have 5 doors in the basement and two extra doors on the front porch.

The ceiling looks great.

M. A. said...

I really like the way the color looks, and the ceiling came out great. I can't wait to see how the light fixture looks when its hung.

Umm, you smell really good, too! (;-D

Jennifer said...

The color looks fabulous!

jenny said...

are you married? just curious!...

Greg said...

Not at the moment :-)

Katherine said...

I had a dream last night that you stenciled the trim with a deep sapphire blue. Some pattern like forgetmenots.

For what it is worth.

Katherine said...

Last week I was in Lexington, Kentucky and saw a home called Waveland. It had a gorgeous Eastlake staircase and--point of post-- diagonal beadboard patterns. I think the re-decorate of the home (foundations were 1700s) dated from the 1880s. You would have loved to look at all of the original gas lights. All original, all re-wired for electricity. There is a gas plant on site as well.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading just one year in the future and it is the first I have heard of paint popping.