Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ninety One!

According to NOAA, that was the high here today at 3:00. Well, ok, that was at the airport, so it probably didn't get that hot at my house. Still it was well in to the 80s at my house, or at least it seemed to be. The local paper says it reached 79 here in town, which is a record high for this day. I think it was hotter and they are part of the massive government conspiracy to cover up global warming. Remember folks, you're not paranoid if they really are out to get you.


Bones said...

What irritates me is, the Times-subStandard didn't run Arcata's high for the day. I don't think it was as hot as it was in McKinleyville, but...I'll never know now, will I?

(I do know it was 84 when I got home from work at 4:15.)


AmyLew said...

I'm LOVIN' this early heat wave. I found myself out at Samoa before 10am and even then it was hot! The garden and veggies are absolutely taking off and thriving in this lovely heat!! woohoo!! Summer is here...I'm crossing my fingers that that marine layer will stay off shore another few NOVEMBER. Nothing worse than a foggy summer when 12 miles away it's 85 and sunny.

Greg said...


Where's Arcata? Is that in Humboldt County :-).

You it is surprising how little news there is about Arcata sometimes in the TS. Aside from HSU they seem to ignore the rest of the city.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Amylew. I heard there's a chance of rain Tuesday.