Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sick – AGAIN!!!!

Lets recap, shall we.

January: Strep Throat. Who the hell gets strep throat, aside from 10 year olds?

February: The flu. This wasn’t one of those, “Oh, I have the flu”, while you’re standing there talking to the person telling them you have the flu. Anyone who can stand erect and make a coherent sentence indicating that they have the flu, doesn’t really have The Flu. I really had The Flu.

This Week: A bad cold with a sore throat. It was enough to keep me in bed for a day and a half and make me miss a day and a half of work. As luck would have it, PG&E was able to coordinate the repair of a major gas line on my street while I was in bed trying to sleep. Thanks guys.

What this means for the house is that even though all I had to do was paint one side of a door and put the hardware back on, that hasn’t been done.

So the laundry room drags on.


Fargo said...

Who the hell gets strep throat, aside from 10 year olds?

I got it when I was in college. Geez, you've really won the sickness lottery this year. Hope you've used up your quota of illness for a good long time.

Katherine said...

Paint your durned door, gol-dang-it.

Sandy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and the warmer weather will keep you well!