Saturday, August 09, 2008

Maybe Next Week

The last of the tin for the ceiling did not arrive this week. It was in Tampa, FL on Tuesday, but didn’t make it here by Friday. Hopefully it will arrive here mid-week and I can get it installed next weekend. I did go and pick up the cornice today. I primed it this afternoon and I want to get two coats on before its installed. After it is up it will just be a matter of doing some touch-up. It was a little irritating that the room is 10’2” long and the cornice comes in 10’ lengths. Oh well.

I finished sanding the floor and got it oiled today. Tomorrow I will start with the top coat. I want to get it finished by Tuesday so it can cure for several days before I start to finish the ceiling. As I was sanding, it dawned on me why there is the discoloration on the left side. It doesn’t show in the picture very well, but the left side is darker and there are numerous dark marks on the floor.

The discoloration and markings are there because that is were the sink was in 1895. Originally, this room had a single window and a sink on the left wall. The red circle shows were there is a wooden plug from where the drain exited. I’m guessing it was there until around 1920 or so.

After that, the sink went away and a second door was added. The wall with the cabinet wasn’t there. The second door would have been just to the right of where that door is in the picture. The left door lead to the rental kitchen and the right door (now gone) lead to the rental bathroom. That is how it was when I bought the place. The rental kitchen and bath were in the now infamous 2 story addition. Now, the addition is long gone and single door leads to the side yard.

In other news, I found a source for antique cabinet latches. I’ve purchased a matching set of 10 so far. These will be for butler’s pantry cabinets. I need 2 for the cabinets in the picture. Then one for the cabinet that goes below that. That cabinet has one door and the 5 drawers. The remaining 7 will be for the yet to be built cabinets at the other end of the room.

I actually found 2 sources that had large, matching sets. This one place that I bought the first 10 from has another set of 6 that are cast iron bodies with bronze bow-tie handles. I’m waiting to make sure the first set of 10 arrives before I make another purchase. This will end up being close to $600 worth of cabinet latches. I figured I should wait and get the first set and make sure I’m happy with them before I give them more of my money.

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