Sunday, August 24, 2008

Where Does The Money Go?

Here is what I spent half of my yardsale booty on. It was an Ebay find and will go in the kitchen. I’ve been wanting a clock for the kitchen for a few years now, but I either couldn’t find what I liked that was affordable or didn't like what I could afford.

I both liked this one and found it affordable. It is nickel over brass and made by the Waterbury Clock Co. of Connecticut. Other than that I know nothing about it or the company. I no nothing about clocks so I can't say whether it is a good or bad clock or whether I got a good or bad deal. I leave that to the collectors to decided. I don't really care.


Jayne said...

You have amazing luck on eBay! That's a great clock. I don't know anything about clocks either; I just know I like it.

Jennifer said...

Very nice clock! I'm with you... it wouldn't matter to me what it's worth. It will look great in your kitchen!

Chaz said...

That's a pretty fair clock-they;ll run through anything, and they are pretty easy to repair. I rebuilt one last summer that was the same clock in a brass case-I think you'll like the nickel plated on better-it'll stay looking nice a lot longer than the brass one will.