Monday, January 17, 2011

Characteristic Change

This one took only a matter of hours, but believe it or not I have changed the design one last time. Well, ok, maybe it's not the last time, but I feel good about this one.

Here is a better shot of the frames. If I had to do this over, there are a few things I would have done differently. The rails and stiles are 1-inch by 7/8ths. The 7/8ths is the width and I should have made them one and and 8th or maybe even inch and a quarter. I need to cut rabbets in them to accept the glass and it will be very tight. In fact, There is a real chance I might have to start over. I'm mentally preparing myself for that.

As for the final color, I think this is the way to go. The small clear squares will be glue chip glass. As of yesterday, the large panels in the center were going to be glue chip, and then red and blue around the perimeter. I remember now though, when I was looking at glue chip samples last week at the glass shop the owner admitted that new glue chip is not quite the same as old glue chip glass. The pattern is different enough that it is noticeable.

There is glue chip and there is also double glue chip. Both are nice, but there is something different in the way it is made now. The shop owner pulled out a large sheet and we found sections here and there that would be a good match. These isolated sections are better suited to smaller squares than a large center panel.

Another option, which I'm considering, is to put the smooth red glass in the center and the blue textured glass alternating around the perimeter with the glue chip. I like both for different reasons. Having the large red panels in the center more closely matches the big front window with its large 32-inch diameter circle of red flash glass. However, the blue glass is more obscure and so leads to better privacy.

What it may come down to is what is in stock when I go to order. I would hate to postpone the installation because I'm waiting on glass to come in. I'm hoping to be able to order glass this week. That is, if I don't completely screw these up when I cut the rabbets today.


Amanda said...

Good luck!

A T said...

Look at that marble windowsill and that tile. Mmm mmm mmm. It's like a second honeymoon to remember why I fell in love with this blog.

dynochick (Jan) said...

All the options look great.

I have found that when I have used large areas of colored glass, that I needed to pay attention to the color the light would cast on my walls and furniture.

Good luck and I cannot wait to see the finished doors.

Greg said...

Good point about the colors. The doors face east and what ever color I chose it will fill the foyer in the AM.

Karen Anne said...

Will color in the large piece in the center cut out too much light?

Greg said...

Too little light isn't really a concern. The foyer is well lit, there are 2 doors each with large windows, and there is a transom over the doors. There is also a window in the stairwell that brings in a lot of light. I could block out one of the door windows all together and still get more light that a lot of foyers get.

slateberry said...

I just jumped up and measured my windows. The stiles (some call them muntins out here in yankeeland) are all 7/8". These are old-growth pine. Yours are old-growth redwood. Anyways, it's been done successfully before, fwiw. Just go slow (I'd be good at slow!) and maybe it'll be OK. If not it will make a great blog entry.

I would lean toward blue for the large pane so that the large round red window does not feel you are trying to show her up. She's had some tough times and might still be feeling sensitive.

I love being caught up and reading your blog in real time. I'll be thinking about something for my house, and then think, ahh, but over at Petch, they... (I like to use the royal "they" when referring to you in your work mode :-).

Pandora said...

I really like this design! The blue in the center is great and the small red squares are very similar to what my Eastlake door has. You will love seeing the colors as the sun moves through the day - it is magical!

Greg said...

Whew! I did a 1/4 inch rabbet and I think it will work. Also, muntins is not just a Yankee term. While that is what they are called, not all muntins are the same. Some are rails and some are stiles.

slateberry said...

Oops, thanks for the correction! Hey, at least I know what a rabbet is-cute little things! :-). Glad your cuts worked out--we had to enlarge a mortise in a door once, and really sweated it. But the surrounding wood held.

Yokel said...

Ooooh! Tell me you are going to glue-chip the glass yourself, just to make the project that much more complicated! :)
Years ago I found instructions online (some signmaking shop) describing how. Always wanted to try.
I agree with the others, blue would be great in the middle.