Monday, January 10, 2011

Locked & Loaded

My Scranton, PA supplier delivered the goods today so I finally have all of the hardware parts in place to finish the doors. I purchased this in “as is” condition, so they need a little restoration work before I can install them. The post for the lower bolt needs to be shortened, as well.

This project will take precedence over the windows. Once I get the locks installed I can finish the weatherization of the doors. Given the current climate (it was 31 degrees when I woke up this morning. Brrrr!), I'm sure everyone will understand.

I encourage others take a look at what Penn Antique Restoration has to offer. This is not any kind of paid endorsement. I really did get good product at a good price from someone who was easy to deal with and very accomodating. Shocking, I know.


Jayne said...

The detail on that door hardware is beautiful.

Jesse said...

They look great Greg. I can understand the need to weatherize it is very cold here in Knoxville. Keep up the good work.


Amanda said...

Wow! I just checked out that Penn Antique Restoration site, and they have an exact match for the latch we found on the nursery closet. Apparently, it was supposed to originally used for cabinet doors. I'm glad I saved it. :)
Thanks for posting the link!

Greg said...

That's cool!