Thursday, January 06, 2011

Texture Shopping

I went and poked around a glass shop today to look at samples for the new front windows. I wish I could remember the name of the place I go to. It is on South G Street in Arcata. The gentleman who owns the place is a pleasure to deal with. I took in my netbook with pictures from the blog and in seconds he is pulling out samples flipping through catelogs.

I looked at dozens of samples and it was agreed that the texture of the glass is the important factor. The shade of color can be off a few degrees but if you put in a texture of glass that was not used in the period it will be immediately obvious. When the time comes to pull the trigger and chose the color he said I could bring some chips home so I could view them in the light of the room.

Over the weekend I cut and planed all of the wood I will need and yesterday I ordered some router bits to make the muntins. Wood selection was important because these will be relatively thin pieces of wood holding glass that is in a door. It needs to be nice, straight, tight grained redwood to do the job.

I'm hoping I can start to make the muntins next weekend and do some assembly. Once that is done, I can order the glass. If everything is in stock, that should only take a day or two. If all goes well I can have these done in 3 weeks. All never goes well, so maybe more like 4 weeks.

In the mean time, Diane from Pandora's Parlor sent me some wonderful photos of cottage windows she has added to her house. She makes them herself in many cases by replacing the glass in the top sash with colored leaded glass. I encourage you to go over and have a look. It is amazing what the effect of the colored glass has on a room. Below are photos of two of her doors. Yet more inspiration for me.


Jayne said...

I have similarly-textured glass in the windows in my parlor, and I really like that rippled texture. I agree that the texture is really important for the windows to look like they're original to the house. I admire your purist thinking and your attention to detail.

Greg said...

That really is what makes it interesting. I could run down and grab what ever I think looks good, but putting the extra effort to make it look right keeps it interesting.

Austenshigh said...

I really like the lights cast by these textured, colored glasses.

Wright said...

Hey Greg, Can you tell me where you found that wallpaper?

Greg said...

Sorry, but I can't because those are not pictures of my house.