Friday, December 30, 2005

The Curtains My Friend Are Blowin’ In The Wind

We got spanked by another big winter storm today, and there is another big one coming in Sunday, and another one on Monday. The storm door is open, as they say. Also, there were more slides that closed down Confusion Hill today.

There was an article on the front page of the paper on Wednesday about the plans to reroute that section of Highway 101. Early Wednesday morning was when the first slide closed the highway. Rerouting will require the construction of temporary access structures, the building of 2 new bridges, and the excavation and removal of 300,000 cubic meters of the mountain! That, my friends, is a lot of dirt.

My house seems to be weathering the storms well. No leaks but quite a few rattling windows and doors. Occasionally you will feel the structure shudder a bit when a big gust of wind hits. There was a storm a few years ago where we were getting 90 MPH gusts. It feels like a truck has slammed in to your house when one of those babies hits.

The wind just howls at night and sleeping soundly through the night has been difficult. If you let it get to you, you could really freak yourself out with visions of things that go bump in the night. This place would make a great setting for a horror movie right now.

Rainfall totals for December (Not including today’s storm)

Month To Date: 10.92”
Normal Month To Date: 5.95”

Season To Date (7/1/05): 22.04”
Normal Season To Date: 15.49”

And it ain’t over yet.

13 second video of the curtains blowin'


JLynnette said...

Please send the rain my way. We're burning up here in OK. Literally!

Greg said...

Boy, if I could I would, we’ve got more than enough. Wild fires are one thing we never get here. There is just too damn much moisture. If it ain't the rain it's the fog.

Patricia W said...

I hope everyone out your way stays dry and safe adn that stuff doesn't turn into snow on this side of things. Well, maybe that'd be okay...that is if the wind dies down some.