Sunday, December 25, 2005

Does It Make Sense

Does it make sense to use AdSense, or more importantly, does it make cents to use AdSense, and if it only makes cents then does it make sense to add to AdSense to my blog. In other words, is the addition of annoying ads to my blog worth the annoyance if it only makes a few pennies.

I didn’t read all the fine print of the AdSense agreement so it is difficult to tell if I’m going to make 100 pennies a month, 100 dollars a month, or something in between. Most likely the latter is true. One thing is for sure, I’m not supposed to click on ads on my own blog to try and generate funds. My first thought was, how the heck would they know. Then I remembered that I’m dealing with Google and their massive computer systems that seem to know just about everything and seem to be getting smarter everyday.

So I won’t be clicking on my ads because that would be wrong. Nor would I encourage other HouseBloggers to click on my ads only to generate ad clicks for me. That would be wrong. I would never, ever click on the ads of another HouseBloggers site with the sole purpose of trying to generate ad clicks for that person. That would be wrong. I would never, never, ever to that.

Let me repeat: I would never click on the ads on another HouseBlogger’s web site with sole purpose of generating click-throughs for the ads listed on their site, and there by increasing the revenue paid them by the company that supplies those ads. I would never, ever do that. I wouldn’t expect others to do that for me.

I hope I’ve made myself clear.


Kim said...


StuccoHouse said...

Same questions here. I read the AdSence legal lingo and got a headache. I also love how they tell you they will not tell you what your share in the profits will be. Trust them. They will send it to you. I feel like just putting a for rent "your company name here" spot on my blog.

jm@houseinprogress said...

Ah, the ever powerful Google. All I'll say is (within the strict guidelines of Google) is that it does allow us to recover the costs of buying our Moveable Type software, hosting fees and purchasing our domain names over the course of the year. That's all I'm saying, Google! Just in case you read this. No numbers here. Nope.

Kristin said...

I'm with JM. AdSense pays for my web hosting, and that's about it. They send me a check when it adds up to over $100 (which doesn't happen often but is a nice little bonus when it does)