Saturday, December 31, 2005

In Between Storm

I only have 32% battery power left on my laptop so I thought I’d make one last entry.

We’ve been with out power for about 7 hours now and it is pretty much the whole town. A neighbor heard that a sub-station was flooded and it could be 2 days but I don’t think so. The Ferndale sub-station is near the Eel River but know exactly where the Eureka sub-station is and it is no where near a body of water that could flood it.

I had some more flashing leaks and tried to go to a hardware store to get more roof cement but every place is closed because of the power outage. Just with-in a few blocks of my house I saw 3 big trees down, a power pole in the street and numerous fences blown over. As I drove around to 3 different hardware stores I lost count of the number of fences, trees, and billboards blown over.

My neighbor Gary went down to where he works and borrowed a 10,000 watt generator. I few neighbors have hooked up to it to keep the refrigerators going but I’m across the street. However, because I’m still using my little mini-fridge I was able to carry it over to his garage and plug it in. Fortunately my heat, stove, and water heater are all natural gas so I can cook, clean, and stay warm. It could be worse.

The house held up well. I did have a half of tube of the roof cement left so I was able to patch the leak. This time it was on the back porch. While I was up there I noticed I had a clogged rain gutter so I took care of that as well. I had to pick up about 20 shingles out of my yard. They didn’t come off my house but someone close by has some serious problems.


Kim said...

I'm glad you all weathered the storm ok, and that your house did too! Hope you have power again soon!


Jocelyn said...

crossing my fingers for you and your house (and Mortimer)!

Kristin said...

Stay strong! :)

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