Wednesday, May 17, 2006

House Warming Party Tonight

Some friends of mine recently bought a little cottage, so there's a house warming party tonight. Here’s a picture of it from the turn of the century.

It is currently still rental units but they plan to restore it. Were going to be taking a tour tonight and then have a little get together at their home.

I was able to walk through it with them when the place was in escrow. Click on the link below to see current pics of it.

The Hunter Mansion


Anonymous said...

This is the sort of post I live for. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer in Antioch, CA - a longtime reader of your houseblog. Keep up the great work. I love your house too!

Patricia W said...

Yeah. That's a nice 'little' house. Amazing is more the word for this place. The trim is to-die for.

Sorry to hear about the stairs though, that is a major bummer.

I have noticed that all of these old houses/buildings have flat-topped towers which appear to have suffered the same fate. Non-replacement of the pinnacle roofs. This must have been a very costly repair for later owners who just decided to go flat and save money instead.

burrito said...

You need to start a blog covering their restoration efforts because I NEED to see that house brought back to glory - it's stunning!

Jenne said...

Wow! That house is awesome! I love the gingerbread in the old pic!

mindy said...

Wow, great photos - thanks for sharing!

Mmmmm. I wish we had fireplaces. Those are so beautiful. And that molding? Gah! Sorry. Drooling.