Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Presto Changeo

I went ahead and bought new paint and repainted the second story. It’s not a big change, but to me it makes all the difference in the world. The new colors is called Clary Sage and it is 2 shades darker than the original Livable Green.

Anyway, I’m not sure how well this shows up in the pictures, but here are the shots from yesterday with the Livable Green, and today with the Clary Sage.

Livable Green

Clary Sage

Livable Green

Clary Sage

I now have 2 coats on both the first and second floor so tomorrow I can move on to the bay window bump out. After that I can start to do trim. Originally I was going to do the trim in an even darker green but now I’m thinking I may use the Livable Green as the trim color. It would be better to do all the shingles in two coats of the same color. That is, two coats of the Clary Sage. I had thought about trying to use up all the Livable Green by using it as a first coat under the Clary Sage but I would get better results with two coats of the same color. I think by Friday I may be ready for trim so I will try out the Livable Green and see how it looks.

When I was at the paint store today something really strange happened. You know how when you’re choosing a color there are hundreds, if not thousands to chose from. I was at Sherwin Williams standing in front of the Great Wall Of Paint Chips today trying to come up with a darker color. I didn’t want to have to go through this again so I really gave it some thought and mulled over several different colors. As you know, I ended up with the Clary Sage.

I took the pant chip up to the counter and ordered a gallon of Exterior, Satin latex Super Paint in Clary Sage. The guy went to the back and started to make it and I heard a sort of confusing conversation between him and a woman. The woman was the other sales clerk on duty. Here is what I heard.

Man: How did you know he wanted Clary Sage

Woman: What are you talking about

Man: Isn’t that my Clary Sage

Woman: No this is my Clary Sage

The woman then comes out with 2 gallons of paint, one of which is Clary Sage, and neither of which are mine. She tells me that her and her husband are painting their house with Clary Sage. She asks me if I’m using it for the body or trim and I tell her the story of how I started with Livable Green and I switched to Clary Sage. She gets this kind of stunned look on her face and shows me the other gallon of paint she has. It’s Livable Green. She is painting her house Clary Sage and Livable Green. We both just kind of stood there going, “Wow, that is really strange.” In another mildly strange twist, I asked where she lived and it turns how her house is right next to where I used to work a few years ago. I know what house she lives in. It was all very odd.

Finally, my cat Mortimer has taken to doing impressions of things. He sees something and then tries to copy it. Here is Mort’s impression of a brick. Can you guess which one is Mort.

Be The Brick Mort


Kristin said...

Wow, the Clary Sage looks 100 percent better! Good choice! What a weird coincidence with that woman at the paint store ... hope the color's not too popular.

Oh, and you cracked me up with the Mortimer-as-a-brick stuff. :)

Marg. said...

My mother's cat, Uma, loves Mort's brick impression. She has requested more coverage of Mortimer :)

Poppy said...

The Clary Sage is the perfect compliment to the Basil color and I think the Livable Green as the trim color will be just right.

Looking good~

Oblio70 said...

Why is it that black cats acquire the most peculiar names? Ours is named "Mr. Cello" for reasons we nearly have forgotten.

Thanks for the back-link on this.