Friday, May 19, 2006


I’ve made some very minor, yet long overdue changes to the blog. I’ve added an email address for any lunatic rantings that may pop in to your head, but what may not be suitable for the general Blogging audience. You can now fire off musings to petchhouse at windsweptsoftware dot com. The email address has a permanent home on the right-hand sidebar.

I’ve also change the links list. I added a bunch of blogs when I first started this blog about a year ago with out really knowing who was who. I’ve never really changed it and some of my favorites have never been on the list. Also, there were a few on there that seem to have fallen off the edge of the blogging planet, so I removed those. There are still others that I want to add but either could find the URL or ran out of time (the stairs are calling me)

And, of course, HouseMade now has their fancy-shmancy, brand-spanking new, very own URL. Ooo la la, aren’t we so trendy over at HouseMade. We have are own URL for our house. (Just kidding, ladies. You know I love you) Naturally I needed to update their link.

That’s about it. Work continues on the stairs. I’ve started on the upper flight and hope to have it finished by Sunday at the latest. I have a hydraulic boom-lift reserved for Tuesday so I can paint the attic gables and other parts of the house that are too high for the ladder. However, it started raining again and the forecast says it will rain through to Tuesday. I’ve changed it to Wednesday and I will keep my fingers crossed.

PS And to anyone who sent an email to ohforum at windsweptsoftware dot com, I never got it. I forgot all about that email address. Frankly, I'm amazed you found it.


Jocelyn said...

A hydraulic boom-lift? Well my aren't we fancy shmancy and all elevated? ;o)

I'll pray for dry weather for you!

merideth said...

you know how i love a shout-out! even if it one where you mock and/or tease us! :)