Friday, November 17, 2006

It Still Counts As Work

I’ve spent countless hours on-line sourcing materials for the bathroom. Not to mention lots of time spent driving around town to look at other items. I love browsing and searching on-line, but after a few weeks of this I’m really getting a little tired of it now. I’ve pretty much settled on the subway tile from I’m going to do without the cap and just get field and base from them. I can then use the same 1X3 fluted wooden cap I used in the kitchen.

I bought the sink legs off Ebay, and I sourced the wall brackets for the legs, but I’m not feeling good about it now. I wrote back to Don at Vintage Plumbing asking him where I should send the check, and who do I make it out to. He gave me the information and then said he would have to find a pair for me. Apparently he has had them made, but may not have a pair right now. It’s only been a few days, so it’s not time to panic.

I bought the faucet from Van Dykes Restorers, but that will most likely be returned now. DEA Bath is supposed to email me pictures of 4 or 5 vanities that fit my needs. I probably won’t get the pics until early next week, but then I can finally put the whole vanity decision to rest once and for all.

I spent most of yesterday making out a rather long, and what will no doubt prove to be an expensive parts list of things I will need from DEA Bath. Some of it will need to be nickel plated, and they will do that, but I need to tell them what I want so it will be ready when I go down in a two weeks. Two weeks is the plan, but you know how plans go. Once I got the list together, I naturally had to compare prices at several different sites on a few of the common items. That meant a lot more clicking and reading. I got the HAJOCA toilet from my neighbor, and I got a great deal on the oak tank last year, so that saved me several hundred dollars right there. Whew!

The floor tile samples came from Lyric last week, and I’m not overly thrilled with what came. The tile is a nice, perfectly square edged mosaic tile, but now I’m not sold on the styles. I got a sample of the polka dot, 1-inch hex, and the pinwheel (squares and rectangles). Both are black and white. Then I saw these two samples from a few HouseBloggers and said, “Yes! That’s what I want!” I’m going to do my best not to out-right steal either of these designs, but I make no promises.

Chicago 2 Flat

Top to Bottom

I lost out on a few EBay auctions for lighting over the past few weeks. I always lowball on bids when I first start shopping for something on Ebay. It gives me an opportunity to see what things are selling for, and you sometimes get lucky and get the deal of the century. That happened this time. I was over bid on a few auctions but I ended up with a vary nice pair of 1890s wall sconces with etched glass shades. Or at least I hope they’re nice, as I don’t have them yet. They have been rewired and looked to be in good shape. I got the pair for $86 with shipping. That almost makes up for what I paid for the sink legs – don’t ask.

I’m still searching for a ceiling fixture, and other things like towel rods and toilet paper holders. I bought a nice pair of nickel plated brass shelf brackets from a shop locally. I don’t have a picture, but it is a pair of brackets that supports a glass shelf. I also picked out a really cool 3-arm swinging towel bar, also nickel/brass. It was missing a nut and I should be able to get it soon.

There is still a lot of generic purchases to be made locally, but the hard stuff to either find and/or decide upon has mostly been done at this point. Now I just have to buy it all. That will be spread out over the next few months. Most of it is not too bad, except the tile…..oh, the tile.


Jocelyn said...

I agree that is totally work. The preparation for a project, planning and buying of materials is a job too! Of course that's why one saves money doing that part yourself instead of paying a contractor to do it.

So funny, I was reading your post and I scrolled to the photo of my tile floor. For a second I thought either I was hallucinating or blogger was misfiring. I'm flattered you like our tile, though I can't take credit for it- it's original :)

I am looking forward to seeing your bathroom come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

me too.
i love these greek key motif layouts, love the touch of color and the play of the black and white. it also looks crisp and clean in a bathroom, whiter because of the touches of contrast. but you know this.
gank on.
it really is work.