Friday, November 24, 2006

More High-Tank High-Jinx

When I bought the tank last year it was stuffed with an odd assortment of trim pieces and plumbing parts. I didn’t realize it until I got home, that even though I had gotten all of these “extra” parts, the toilet tank was, in fact, incomplete.

The high-tank I have installed in the upstairs bathroom mounts to the wall on a cleat that is not seen once the tank is in place. You mount the cleat on to the wall and then the tank hangs from it. The tank I bought last year, the one I just refinished, mounts in a slightly different manner.

The “new” tank has a 4 part trim piece that gets mounted to the wall, and then there are two hooks on the tank that mount on to the trim piece. The trim piece is kind of like a picture frame for the tank. It has some mill work on it, and it is exposed on three sides of the tank. I said it’s a 4 part trim piece, but I only got two of the parts, and they were both the same part, so really I only got one of the 4 parts of the frame.

2 Left Sides Don’t Make a Right

Hooks on the back of the tank.

So today I started the construction of the new “mounting frame”. On Wednesday I went to Almquist lumber to pick up some oak. Almquist is pretty much the only lumber yard around here that carries anything but pine, fir, or redwood. They have just an amazing assortment of wood. I’m really not interested in all the exotic woods they carry, but I was happy to see that they have redwood 1X8 siding that matches the profile of my house, and they have curly and burl redwood in stock! All I needed was 3-feet of 1X6 oak, but I felt like a kid in a candy store walking around the place.

Anyway, the frame s pretty simple, mortise and tenon construction. Tomorrow after the glue sets I’ll round two corners and then round over one edge with the router. After that will be the tricky part of matching the finish of the tank.

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