Friday, November 03, 2006

Tile Samples Ordered

I ordered some tile samples for the bathroom. They’re not so much samples as just 1 square foot sheets of two kinds of tile. They were out of one that I wanted so I went with something else. I got a square foot of the polka dot 1-inch hex, and a square foot of the spiral pattern.

Polka Dot - $625 sq ft

Spiral - $7.95 sq ft

The tiles is coming from Mosaic Tile Supplies, and at this point I’m not really sure where they are, other than they exist is cyberspace some place. The one thing I liked about them was the comment on the page showing the tiles. It says:

These tiles have completely squared edges rather than a beveled edge, making them perfect for period homes and architectural or historical restoration projects.

The also have 1-inch square tiles in solid colors. The squares come in about 40 different colors. I wanted to get a sheet of white (Chalk) and a sheet of black (Raven) squares to play around with for a boarder but the black are out of stock. I ordered the spiral instead and I’m considering it for a boarder. Originally the idea was to do some kind of design with the black and white squares for the boarder, and use the hex as the field.

Once I get these, and if I like them, I’ll check again to see in the black squares are in stock. The local home center has 1.5 sq ft sheets of black or white squares or hexes. They are also unglazed mosaic tiles but the edges aren’t “completely squared”. They do have a very subtle bevel to them. It will be interesting to see how they differ from the ones form Mosaic Tile Supplies. The local tiles are $5.99 a sq ft.


Anonymous said...

Nice choice. We went with the square-edged tile as well.

Greg said...

Boy, that really looks nice. Did you do the boarder yourself, or did you buy a custom or pre-made boarder? Also, was it a bitch to cut the hex tiles where they meet the squares? Maybe you blogged about this.

Greg said...

Oh, I just read that you designed and built the boarder yourself. Very, very nice.

Anonymous said...

The spiral pattern reminds me of the 1962 floor we found in our new bathroom, only ours was more random, and the tiles were yellow and beige, with occasional small red, blue and black strewn in (very few, maybe five or six of those strewn over the entire floor).
Boy that was some ugly tile... I'd have like to keep it just for the style though. After pretty much gutting the bathroom we ended up ripping it out though.

Texas Ranger

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, "Spiral" is exactly what I have in the bathroom of my 1915 craftsman. It's the original stuff, although I think the bathroom was actually put in about a decade after the house was built. It looks good, but man does it ever show dirt. But we're three girls, you're one guy and some cats, so maybe it won't be so bad for you.