Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Painting In The Rain

Just painting in the rain.
What a horrible feeling.
I’m miserable again.

It took me more than 4 hours today to sand it all down and primer it. The bottom two thirds of the walls had to be stripped to bare wood. The paint was in good enough shape that I couldn’t scrape it, but it was bad enough that it had to come off. I spent about 6 hours over the weekend stripping it with a heat gun. Ugh! It had an orange peel texture to it.

I knew I had to sand and prime today and I was absolutely dreading it. It was all I could think about at work today. I knew if I started anything else I would never get out there, so I walked in the door, changed my clothes immediately, and got to work. It’s done, that’s the important thing.

The weather was thick and muggy and it felt like rain all day. It started coming down after I sanded, and just as I started painting. It came down pretty good but there was no wind so it stayed off the porch and off the walls.

Tomorrow I’ll put on the first top coat and then finish up Thursday. It would be nice if I could say that was the last of it but there is one little section remaining.

I’m going to remove those two windows on the right and put in a stand glass window like the one on the wall to the left. I bought two identical sashes a few years back and that has always been the plan. That wall with the 2 big windows is the downstairs bathroom I’m going to be working on next. The windows are just too big for the room. I think they are original to the house, but that is definitely not their original spot on the house.

So before I can paint I need to build a window for the sash, and then install it. After that I can fix the siding and then paint that last little section. It just never seems to end. Next year I will paint the columns you see in the first picture, and get rid of the 2X4 railing. The columns need to be stripped and that ain't going to happen this year. I'm ignoring the rotted porch decking for the moment....and for several more moments after that.


John said...

It's looking good, but I have to ask -- what those pipes are on the back porch? I'm guessing it's the vent stack for the kitchen. Any plans to move them (inside the walls)? Or, is it one of those situations where moving them would equal demolishing half the house and rebuilding it?

Greg said...

Yes, pretty much major demolition to get rid of them. Only the one of the right is used, so the two on the left will go away. They partitioned the kitchen and added a bathrrom so that was for a toilet, tub and washer hook up. I've removed a total of 6 vents that were running up the outside of the house so far. Those are the only ones that remain.