Thursday, November 02, 2006

Section 7b Finished

And not a moment too soon. We got our first real rain of the season today. This was the kind of rain that has people running across parking lots and jumping over puddles. Over the past month we’ve had a few days of precipitation, and maybe even some drizzle, but I wouldn’t have called it rain.

Although they are becoming a bit pointless at this stage of the project, here is a before and after of Section 7b.

I did the wall not under the porch on Monday and Tuesday, and the adjoining wall that is under the porch yesterday and today. Tomorrow I’ll need to touch up the panel on the door a bit. On all of the sunbursts around windows and on brackets I did the burst in Livable Green with the background in Basil. It worked fine in those situations because the surrounding bracket or trim was Clarey Sage. With the rest of the door being done in Basil it didn’t look so good. The panel lost some dimension being that it was the same color as the door. After I painted it I went back and change the background of the panel to the Clarey Sage. It looks much better, but it needs another coat.


Karen said...

It's always a pleasure to see your progress. Your house has so many different and interesting sections. I love the little details that you are putting on it. To me that's the fun part.


Poppy said...

Lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great! Way to go. (Why not just leave the door pink??! ;) )

purejuice said...

yeah, why not a pink door?
the wood looks beautiful, but the paint looks hott. don't ever think before and after pix are pointless. it's what we live for. thanks.

Greg said...

Hmmmm, 2 votes for a pink door.

Nope, sorry, I just couldn't do that. It's not that I have anything against pink, it's & green? Doesn't work for me.