Saturday, January 20, 2007

130,000 Guests Are Arriving Now

They started flying in about a week ago. They only stay a few months. They make a lot of noise, and eat everything in site. Most people don’t mind them, but the ranchers hate them. Apparently 20 of them can eat as much as a cow in a day. I like them. They are Aleutian Geese on there way north and Humboldt Bay is a major stopover and feeding ground on their way north.

I watch every morning as band after band of geese fly and cackle over head. Right now they are trickling in but soon the huge formations of geese will be backed up to the horizon like planes at Kennedy airport on Christmas Eve. It is quite a spectacle. Green fields at the south end of the bay are brown with geese every morning. At the height of the season there will be more Aleutian Geese in the county then there will be people.


Leslie said...

Ohhhhhhh! We're on the migratory flight path for lots of birds including kazillions of snow geese each year, and it's one of the most beautiful aspects of living here. You'll look over at what appears to be a giant snow-covered field and it's acres and acres of white geese. The most amazing sight is when they're all coming in for a landing - the fields look like they're being hit with a slow moving white tornado, since they land in this big swirl.

I always look closely when it's just a small flock on the ground, though... sometimes it's not snow geese, it's swans.

purejuice said...

oh, beautiful. i love to think about this. thank you for posting the pix.