Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tile Ordered!

It’s official. It’s all very exciting. Today I contacted Subway Ceramics and gave them totals for what I need. Hopefully I’ll hear back early next week about dollar totals with shipping, and delivery times. Until then it’s a waiting game.

I played around with the room a little bit to maximize tile usage. I'm definitely doing built-in cabinets on either side of the door. The one behind the door will be a corner cabinet which I think will mostly be used to store the toilet brush, cleaning supplies, and things like that. This will go at least 4 feet up, but maybe more. On the other side of the door, as you enter the room will be a cabinet roughly 12X14 inches and about 3 feet high. It may have one drawer and then a cabinet underneath for towels. I will finish the tops of both with the 2-inch hex tile that I'll use on the floor.

The tile for the wainscoting will have a 6-inch high coved base tile, then 3.5 feet of field tile, topped with a wood cap. I may do a 1-inch high colored boarder tile either just below the cap, or maybe in between the top two rows of field tile. Around the tub area the tile will go 7-feet up the wall. So it will be about 4-feet up on all walls and 7-feet up around the tub.

Here’s a final floor plan…

I think the next piece of the puzzle is to build a few cabinets.

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Poppy said...

It's really coming together nicely. Can't wait to see things begin to take their place~