Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Artist Rendering of Your Home

That’s what some friends of mine gave me for Christmas this year. Actually, they gave me a gift certificate for one, in honor of the new paint job. I contacted The Artist several weeks ago and she waited for a sunny day to take some photographs of my home. Today she stopped by with the photos taken from different angles and we picked out the best one for the portrait.

The Artist will do a pen & ink drawing of my home and then water color it. The friends who gave me the gift certificate had one done of their house – an 1880s Victorian – and it really looks nice. It was really a very thoughtful gift. I was quite surprised by it.

So as I said, The Artist came by today and we talked about the best view. I chose my favorite view of the house. It’s as if you were standing on the corner and you can see the front and right side of the house. It captures the scale of the house well, and shows both the front porch and the back wrap around porch.

The Artist will not paint in things like telephone poles and the fire hydrant on the corner. She will also leave out the 1920s Mission Revival garage structure in back. She will be adding a picket fence, because I plan to build one some day. I’m sure the house probably had a picket fence of some sort when it was built, so while it is not a true rendering of what the property looks like today, it is probably accurate of what it looked like at one time.

The Artist said she is going out of town on February 18th and she should have it finished before she leaves. Pretty damn cool, don’t you think?


RPneighbor said...

Yes! and I want one too :)

When we get a few more things finished this year on the exterior and I have some spare $ someday...
I'd like my dogs sitting on the front porch. Can you have her paint in Mortimer? :)
(I'm logged in on my other blog and don't feel like logging in and out again)

Poppy said...

That is too cool and a very thoughtful gift. I can't wait to see the finished product :)

pedalpower said...

What a great gift!

Mark said...

Looking very forward to seeing that.

Greg said...

Just to be sure everyone understands, this will be an 8X10 drawing of the house. After I read the post I thought some might think this was a much larger piece.

I like the idea of adding the cats. I'm going to call The Artist today and suggest she leave out the fence and add two cats to the front walk.

derek said...

I was picturing her with her easel across the street painting the house. I guess people don't paint like that anymore.

merideth said...

I had this done for beth of our SF apartment. It seemed like a good present for our first anniversary, the traditional gift for which is paper. I used an online service called who did the illustrations from my photos. The drawings turned out beautifully with unattractive details like telephone poles and wires left off. Great present!