Wednesday, February 07, 2007

After & Before

I was able to save the little cabinet, which is good because I hate doing things over. Both cabinets are as done as they’re going to get done at this point. I’ll wait to make cabinet doors for them later. I need to buy a panel bit for the router and milling tool for the table saw that will put the Eastlake style beads in the panels. This is not a good month to be buying more tools

Here is the cabinet in it’s native habitat. The space between the door and the wall is only about 8-inches but because I made the false wall in the bathroom that sits 6-inches in front of the real wall I can make the cabinet 14-inches deep. Once the tile is up and the wall is finished it will look like a narrow cabinet but it will actually be much deeper. This will be for towels.

Here’s a shot of both cabinets. The door will be in between the two of them with the doorknob on the right so it will open towards the taller corner cabinet. I’m not sure how that looks now with the lack of symmetry between the height of the two cabinets. I made the corner cabinet taller so it would be the same height as the tile on the wall. If I did it right the cap that separates the tile and plaster should continue just above the top of that cabinet and end at the door casing.

The shorter cabinet will have a few rows of tile above it and then the cap will continue around and end at the door casing on the that side as well. Both cabinets will have a 2-inch encaustic hex tile counter, which is the same tile that will go on the floor. I hope it works. (It finally rained today. You can see all the water I tracked in)

This is the before shot of the medicine cabinet. I’ve mentioned this before. I bought two of them several years ago from a salvage shop. I think I paid $19 a piece for them. They came out of a 19th century hotel in old town that is right across the street from The Oberon Saloon where I got the 2-inch hex tile. This will be painted so I just need to strip off the loose paint and reglue a few joints. I think I’ll need a new mirror for it as well. That’s the next project.

{Ugh! I just realized that I need to start thinking about colors}


Poppy said...

Time to think of colors huh? You have my sympathy. I have been painting color splotches on my walls for weeks and I'm not even close to nailing it down yet. *sigh*

Congrats on saving the little corner cabinet.

slateberry said...

You should get a Farrow and Ball color card. It has only 120 colors. It is so much easier to pick a color from 120 than from thousands like some stores have, and they have all been "vetted" to be either historically appropriate (to some period--I guess that leaves it wide open) or just quirky English--and those have giveaway names like Dead Salmon. Anyway, you don't have to buy their paints--though they're nice--just having the color card as a guide can give you some nice boundaries to work within. I realize this is an old post and I haven't read your whole blog yet, but maybe you still have a closet interior or something left to do. Or maybe you're all done and ready to start over again! And just in case you're wondering (I know you're on the edge of your seat), my downstairs colors are farrow's cream, dorset cream, light stone, and mouse's back.