Sunday, February 04, 2007

Vote For Your favorite Commercial

Wet & Sloppy. That pretty much sums up The Super Bowl game today. There were few surprises in this game but one of them was that Chicago was still in it in the 4th quarter. Sorry, Chicago fans, but the Colts dominated this game. If it weren’t for the opening play run back for a touchdown Chicago would have never been a contender.

The other surprising thing was the decent half-time show by Prince. I saw him pretty much booed off the stage back in the 80s once. It was before he was a big star and he opened for The Rolling Stones. It was Prince, The Clash, George Thorogood, and The Rolling Stones. It was me and 90,000 close, personal friends enjoying an itimate little show at the LA Colisium. When we arrived Prince was on stage and no one was even paying attention to him. He was wearing little more than a sock and I heard later that he was booded off the stage.

Anyway, what the Super Bowl is really all about is selling advertising. So here is your chance to vote in this official poll to pick the best commercial aired during the Super Bowl.

Best Commercial
Oprah & Letterman
FedEx Moon
Bud Lite Rock, Paper, Scissors
Chevrolet Music
Doritos Spicy, Crunchy, Smooth Marketing Sex
Coke Video Game
But Lite Stray Dog
Garmin Power Rangers Lemmings
Doritos Grocery Store
Chevy HHR Men Strip
Bud Lite Slap
GM Robot Dream
Coke Bottle History
Etrade Bank Robbery
Coke Machine Fantasy Land
Bud Lite Zoo Fight
Nation Wide Rap
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Oops! Only room for 20!


Patricia W. said...

The Superbowl was yesterday? Oops.

Leslie said...

I'm only now voting because someone sent me a link to the K-Fed video ( and I can't stop laughing. Clearly a biased opinion but i can't imagine enjoying any of them more than that one.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Blockbuster one where they are trying to use the mouse.
Of course The Snickers one they are now pulling because it isn't PC correct was funny too.