Saturday, February 17, 2007

There she is, Miss Marble Vanity

There she is, your ideal
The dreams of a million Vanities
Who are more than pretty

May come true in The Petch House
Oh she may turn out to be
The queen of vanities

There she is, Miss Marble Vanity
There she is, your ideal
With so many beauties
She'll take the bathroom by storm

With her nickel legs and marble top
And there she is
Walking on air she is
Fairest of the fair she is
Miss Marble Vanity


Mrs. Limestone said...

Looks great!

How are you mounting it to your bathroom wall?

kingstreetfarm said...

Very nice!!! Now, wasn't she worth all that PITA you endured?

JAXTER said...

She is a vanity to die for! Really beautiful.

Leesa said...

I saw a little girl in McDonalds over the weekend, and she was so precious. She had light brunette hair, strands were coming out of her loosely-tied ponytail, and her laugh and smile were infectious. She ran up to a slightly older boy and said, "Come play with me." It was so cute and she eventually got the boy to play with her.

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purejuice said...


Greg said...

"How are you mounting it to your bathroom wall?"

Check out today's post (Monday) to see how it all fits together.