Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Part of the Job I Hate

Ceilings! I don’t care if it’s paint, drywall, plaster, or beadboard. Anything to do with a ceiling, whether you are putting something up there or taking something down, is always going to be more work and more awkward. I started working on the ceiling in the bathroom today and it is no fun.

I was supposed to start yesterday but I put it off because I was dreading it so. I actually went and cleaned tile instead of sanding the ceiling. I did get one box of tile cleaned, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. I would have done more but the second container wasn’t quite ready. I’m soaking 6 or 7 sq ft at a time in bleach. I used a discount brand of bleach in the second container and I think it was mostly water. And since when did a “gallon” of bleach start only being ¾ of a gallon? Why hasn’t Andy Rooney complained about this?

Anyway, today after much foot dragging I started on the ceiling. It is amazing how much time I can waste when I don’t want to do something. I mean, how often do I really need to check my email? If there’s no email waiting then it just spirals out of control because it then becomes absolutly necessasry that I check the server to make sure it’s running fine? The logic is that that could be the reason why I’m not getting any email. Then I think that I should increase the size of the mail box. If I do start getting a lot of email I want to be ready for it. While I’m at it I might as well check in on EBay. There could be a Buy it Now item that I will absolutely die if I don’t get it. I don’t want to die! I could never work on the ceiling if I die! So checking Ebay actually helps me work on the ceiling. And since I’m at the computer I might was well check in on the bottomless pit of blogs over at HouseBlogs.Net.

And on it goes until I’ve eaten up a few hours.

Eventually I did make it back to the bathroom to deal with the ceiling. I’m keeping the original bead board ceiling in there. It’s not too bad. There are only a few layers of paint and the beads are still very will defined. The only problems are that the top layer of paint is flaking off a little, and there are numerous holes from nails when they put sheetrock over it. I’m sanding off all the flaking paint and filling the holes with putty. It’s messy, noisy, and awkward but in a few weeks or months when I’m NOT putting up sheetrock or plaster, I will think back fondly on the work I did today. Tomorrow I think I can finish the sanding and then primer. Then there is the even more dreaded chore of picking a paint color. Queen Anne Lace is still at the top of the list.

A few years back when I removed all of the sheetrock from this room I found it so hilarious that someone put fake wood grained sheetrock up over real wood. Is it just me or is that sure sign of insanity. Shimmed in one of the corners was a torn piece of the front section of the local paper. I suspect it was from the 1950s but there was no date on it.

The headline said something about Commie spies testifying in Washington about Red Espionage. Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but if this was a recent newspaper and not from the 1950s then that means the Commies are at it again. Fortunately, if the Commie threat is true, I happen to know that the CIA has been keeping Ronald Reagan’s brain alive in a Mason Jar 5 miles beneath Langley, Virginia. He can be brought back in a moments notice to once again do battle with the Commies. So sleep well tonight America.


Leslie said...

Greg, you crack me up!!!

Oh, I am SO with you on ceilings. Why do you think, in my most recent thread on OWN, that I was basically looking for validation that I don't need to tear down ceiling drywall even though I really know it would be the "right" thing to do??

And you and I were trained by the same Procrastination Master. After all, I'm sure YOU will understand it was MUCH more important for me to post to my HOUSE blog about the rescued pug puppy that we're adopting than it was for me to finish our taxes, do some overdue grading, study for an upcoming test, or finish cleaning my #@$!* basement.

You'd better check that server again, though. Something about that hard drive doesn't sound quite right. Maybe it just needs to be rebooted. And wasn't there some link on your website that you were going to move from the left side of the page to the right?!?

Greg said...

Hmmmm, yes, the blog could use an dream make-over. I'll do that tomorrow before I start on the ceiling again.

I'm glad you noticed that, thank you!

John said...

Ah, ceilings. 450 square feet scraped clean, 810 square feet to go. The only thing worse than ceilings are plumbing. After I finish up some prep work on the hallway and my son's bedroom to be, I get to scrape tackle two ceilings back to back. I can't wait. The sore shoulders, the krick in my neck, I miss them so.

Anyhow, good luck with it. At least it is only one relatively small room, right?