Sunday, February 25, 2007

Driving Traffic

I’ve recently jumped on the advertising bandwagon. I had the Google AsSense on my site for a while last year and then I dropped it because it was generating a whopping 20 cents a month. It seemed like a waste of space. And then there’s the whole thing with me being anti-ads in general. Our society is driven by marketers Brad Pitt and advertising. It does have it’s benefits, in that we get things seemingly for free because they are paid for by advertising. Still, it seems that Paris Hilton you just can’t escape it even for a second.

I had Britney Spears these visions of my blog being an ad free oasis on the internet, but that’s kind of silly. I also Angelina Jolie noticed that the blogs look kind of cool with ads on them. It gives them a sense of legitimacy. However, if you Lindsey Lohan go too far and put too many ads on Oscar Night your site then it just becomes a pointless Paris Hilton blur. I would think that Brad Pitt the number of ads on a page should affect the cost of those ads. How to Britney Spears track such a thing is another Justin Timberlake issue that I will happily leave for someone else.

The other thing that sort of looks neat on blogs are the little buttons. In Justin Timberlake the last dream makeover of my blog Brad Pitt I added a lot of colorful Paris Hilton little buttons. Honestly, Lindsey Lohan a lot of them are Jessica Alba kind of pointless and others just don’t seem to make any sense to me. I understand the Britney Spears concept of Jessica Alba streaming and feeds, but why Paris Hilton are there so many? Does anyone ever Justin Timberlake click on those feed buttons? I never have.

And then Jessica Alba there are the advertisements. I’ve expanded Britney Spears my Google AdSense ads and I’ve joined the HouseBlogs Ad Network. I’ve also negotiated a deal with Subway Ceramics to exchange ad space on my blog in exchange for a discount on the tile. This is the one I’m really excited about. Not so much for the money I’m saving for the tile, that’s great of course, but really because I’m advertising a great product. I know I’m sarcastic a lot on my blog but I mean that sincerely about Subway Ceramics. A small company that does high quality work in a sea of mediocrity Britney Spears Paris Hilton christina aguilera Lindsey Lohan Justin Timberlake Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie fits me like hand in glove.

So now christina aguilera I have to drive traffic to my site. The ads Britney Spears are only good if people click on them and those click-throughs generate traffic Brad Pitt to the advertisers Oscar Night site. So I’m going Lindsey Lohan to have to step up the Paris Hilton quality of my content. No more Brad Pitt posts about transvestite cabaret singers or pictures of my stools, and Mort's out as well. Oscar Night

No, it’s top Paris Hilton notch all the way now. I need to Oscar Night make some life style adjustments as well. I’m Jessica Alba not sure that christina aguilera advertisers will Justin Timberlake be flocking to a site written Justin Timberlake by a reclusive single man Britney Spears working mostly with salvage and used Brad Pitt material on an Angelina Jolie 1895 Victorian. I need to find a wife who already Britney Spears has 2.3 children Oscar Night and a mortgage on a newer home. Because other Justin Timberlake than that, I’m not sure christina aguilera of any Angelina Jolie other way to Lindsey Lohan drive more christina aguilera traffic to Jessica Alba my Angelina Jolie site. Can Paris Hilton you?


Gary said...

You need to type the phrase "What Raccoon Poop Looks Like" in your blog. You will be amazed how many hits that will get you in a week!

Greg said...

There, I just did....or, rather, you did it for me.

StuccoHouse said...

"Cat pee on hardwood floors" is also a big draw as is "how much new sewer" :-)

Karen said...

You crack me up...but seriously we need more Mort stories. I promise to click on subway tiles if you keep the Mort stories :)

mindy said...

You know what's sad? One of my higher rated posts is one where I happen to mention Jake Gyllenhal. You might want to put him in there somewhere.

My all-time highest is about cat urine, that always seems to be a popular topic.

Greg said...

It is funny what drives people to my site. The cat pee problems I wrote about with the apartments were popular posts. I think the two biggest ones for me were the Marble Acid Test and the Kitchen Island Drains tutorial. The funniest one for me is when people Google Victorian Party Favors and find my post where I thought about handing out bullets and hypodermic needles as Victorian Party Favors because of my houses very recent sordid history when it was a drug den. I don’t think that’s quite the idea people are looking for.

PS: Maybe I'll bring Mort back in to the mix.

Leslie said...

Actually, Greg, having just read the latest comment that you made over at, I'd say a decent strategy for getting a lot of traffic here would be to discuss in length ::ahem:: about the value, variety and (ok, I said it) size of your tools.

::evil grin::

(sorry, I get a little weird after an evening of Spanish homework, taxes, and paying $500 heating bills! GAH!!)

Jocelyn said...

This is hilarious Greg. Of course my "woman stripping" post is an old favorite and then the "evil squirrel" and "people walking in hard shoes" from the tenant posts brings people too. The internet is a funny place.