Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Ebay Goodies

I got two packages today for the bathroom. First there is a pair of Peck Brothers faucets. Peck Bros. & Co of New Haven, Conn were a high-end plumbing manufacturer in the 19th Century. For all I know they’re still around, or maybe they got gobbled up in a merger decades ago.

A friend of mine has an 1896 Peck Bros. catalog and they produced some absolutely eye-popping bathroom hardware. Most things in the catalog are offered in three finishes: Brass, Nickel, or Gold. That would be real gold plated bathroom hardware. Like I said, they were high-end.

The other item was a telescoping mirror. This was sort of an impulse item. I stumbled on to it minutes before the auction ended and I snagged it for $33 w/ shipping. The plating is good on it, and it’s in very good shape except for one little dark spot on the beveled mirror. There is a manufacturer’s hallmark that I can’t make out.

Now I’ll have something to use when I put on my makeup in the evenings. Oh, everyone does know that I’m a transvestite cabaret singer in my spare time? I require a good shellacking of makeup before I hit the stage in the evenings to sing Broadway show tunes and old torch songs. You don't want the 5 o'clock shadow showing. Hmmm, maybe that should have gone in to the Five Intersting Things post.


Jocelyn said...

very nice! You do so well on ebay.
I just posted and I'm back next to Petch House in the feed again- in good company :)

purejuice said...

If you wanna make it,
Twinkle while you shake it.

If you wanna grind it,
Wait till you refined it.

If you wanna stump it,
Bump it with a trumpet!

Get yourself a gimmick and you too,
Can be a star!

-- You Gotta Have a Gimmick, Gypsy

Gary said...

All this time I thought you were a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" groupee.

It's just a jump to the left

And then a step to the right

With your hands on your hips

You bring your knees in tight

But it's the pelvic thrust
That really drives you insane
Let's do the Time Warp again
Let's do the Time Warp again

Leslie said...

See, now you're done it, Greg. Now we need a picture of you decked out in your full drag finest. Oh, and we must know your drag queen name. If you're not willing to share your real drag name (for fear that your next show will be overrun with swooning houseblog fans) you could also figure out an alternative one using this:


(sorry, it's late and I'm feeling the full effects of my cough medicing for this blasted bronchitis... thanks for the laugh, though!)

StuccoHouse said...

Very nice faucets! Learning how to bid on ebay would be the death of me.

Greg said...

The Name: Scarlett O'Harry
No Photo Available

kingstreetfarm said...

Can I just tell you that I have a secret mad crush on you and your mad ebay skillz and your sense of humor?? Come to think of it, it's not so secret now that I have said it on the trusty interweb, but oh well. There you have it.

Great eBay stuff!

Greg said...

Ah shucks. You’re making my head turn.