Sunday, May 22, 2005

For What It’s Worth II

Got all the skim coating done. Next time I’m starting with the ceiling. I normally do that when I paint, so I’m not sure what I was thinking. I have new little blobs of plaster on the walls here and there that must have been flicked off the trowel when I was doing the ceiling. Not the end of the world.

This is the second room I’ve done plaster on. The first time I think I got it on too thick and this time it may be too thin in places. I started to sand today and with 120 grit I get back to original plaster awfully quick in places. The plaster underneath is solid but the texture is different. Not sure how it will show. I will probably go back over some places.

The places that failed on the first try seem to be holding now, but thanks to Steve at Lakewood 2-Flat for the suggestion of plaster weld. I’m going to look for that. I have plenty of plaster in this house that needs work.

I had to quit sanding today because it was so windy today. Normally I can get positive air flow going and with the back door open all the dust gets sucked out. As it is, I now have another thin coating of white dust over the entire first floor of the house. Yea!

On a high note, I was looking at primer today and a few cans said I should wait 90 days before painting new plaster. Now, if anyone asks why I’m taking so long with the plaster I can say, with an air of superiority, “Well, you have to take this long. I mean, come on, who’s going to paint plaster within 90 days of finishing. What is this armature night?”

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heather said...

Nothing beats a genuine excuse to take a little time off. :) Even better if it makes you look like you know what your doing!