Friday, May 20, 2005

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Had to clean up a lot today in order to start on the ceiling. Just too much crap in the way. My neighbor OWNS 3 sections of scaffolding with castors, so I’m going to borrow one section to do the ceiling.

There was a small section of wall and ceiling that were concealed behind a partition for 80+ years. The wall had a section of 18 inch wallpaper boarder from 1895 at the top (pretty cool) and the rest of the wall and ceiling were painted. I guess there was a lot of dirt and grime on it, but the area of the wall that I had skim coated didn’t take. This morning it looked like the bed of a dry lake. The plaster was just falling off. It was a section about 3X5 feet so not the end of the world.

The rest of the walls had 17 layers of wallpaper (wallpaper must have been pretty inexpensive) and after all the scraping and sanding I was left with a pretty clean surface on the rest of the walls. I kind of kick myself for not cleaning that small section before skim coating. Live and learn, right.

I scrapped it and then sanded with 60 grit. I then washed it with TSP and sanded again. I skim coated today so I’m hoping it holds this time. It could have been worse. I didn’t skim coat the ceiling yet. I went ahead and sanded and cleaned that as well. Not fun.

I don’t know if there are any Jeopardy fans out there but the last finalist for the Ultimate Jeopardy Champion just won their 2 part semi-final match. It will be Brad, Jerome, and Ken Jennings in a 3 day match for $2,000,000.00 to pick the Ultimate Jeopardy Champion. The match starts Monday. These people are freakishly smart.

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Jocelyn said...

The only time we had what you are describing happen to us was when we used the wrong type of joint compound for filling large, deep sections of removed plaster.

But when we used actual plaster it set perfectly. With our plaster jobs we like using the product "plaster weld". It is a paint-on bonding agent that improves the adhesion of new to old plaster. The company also recommends using Plaster Weld even when you are just skim coating plaster onto old plaster or over drywall.

Thought of offerning some tips for those readers who might be trying to repair old walls for the first time.

Steve at Lakewood 2-flat