Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Subconscious Procrastination?

I’ve stalled on the kitchen. Some are good reasons and some are not. This pattern is not uncommon for me, but it still bothers me when I don’t work on a project for 3 or 4 days in a row. I had the issue with the neighbor and cat, and the intestinal thing over the weekend. That really took me out of project mode. There has also been a new project at work. Nothing major, but it does tend to occupy more of my time.

Also, in the past 2 days I’ve had one tenant move out and I inked the deal with the new tenant. Boy, let me tell you, it really pays to be picky and to treat people with respect. This is the second tenant in a row I’ve had in that apartment that cleaned it so well when they left I had to do nothing. Yesterday I went in with the new tenant to show her a few things. I hadn’t even been in there yet myself since the old tenants left on Sunday. On the way upstairs I told her that if there was anything she wanted done like the carpets or the oven cleaned or windows washed to just let me know. We walked around the apartment together and both were amazed at how spotless the place was. I returned the deposit to the old tenants today and almost threw in an extra $50.00.

All that aside, the other reason I haven’t done any work on the kitchen is because I'm starting to do finish work. It is, you know, so final. It is what everyone sees. I hate to screw it up. Subconsciously I think I feel that if I never start it I will never screw it up, so I keep putting it off. I have to start sometime, though. This week I’m going to have some extra work at my real job so I can’t really do anything (is that just an excuse?) but I’m determined to start skim coating this weekend, I promise… unless something comes up… which it could… you never know… I might get sick… I do feel a little something in the back of my throat…


kb said...

Grex, I'm really enjoying your blog. Not only for the house updates, but the Mort stories too. I do have a question for you regarding the asbestos siding shingles...did you remove them yourself and if so, how?

Greg said...

I’m glad you like the blog. Bloggin is FUN-damental.

I did do the siding myself and it was a chore. It is Non-Friable Asbestos so is not nearly as hazardous as Friable Asbestos. It was a standard demo permit from the city. I had to make special arrangements with the dump but the fees were the same as your garden variety trash. Lots of nails to pull. I also had to rebuild the window sills and restore some other trim. The siding was in nearly perfect shape. All told I spent about 5 months and $600 working on it by myself. I still need to paint.