Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stage Two Complete!

After taking a few days off I finally finished stage 2 plastering in the kitchen. I’ll let the whole mess dry for a day or two and then I will need to sand around the edges a bit before I can skim coat. Maybe Sunday I can start to do a small wall.

Here’s another hint for would-be plasters: When doing the ceiling don’t spread plaster directly over your head with your mouth open. That is, unless you like the fresh, wholesome taste of plaster. It is chalk full of yummy goodness. Choosy Mom's chose plaster. It's squeezably soft! My doctor said, "Plaster"!


Jocelyn said...

LOL- thanks Grex. I don't think plaster is too toxic at least. Congrats on finishing stage 2!

Kristin said...

Hurray for you! And sorry about the tasty mouthful of plaster. :)